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Harris Hill Ext.

Harris Hill Ext. was created and is maintained by a group of folk who wanted more single track closer to home. We have about 10 miles from our 5 loops, add that to the approx. 4 miles of out and back from  R to V on the East Overland, you will have close to 18 miles to play with all day. 

When you ride them, please leave some thoughts, comments, or suggestions on this site.

Where is it?    The Ext. is on State Land on Rt. 50, Harris Hill Road, and 28 Mile Creek Road, about 4 miles east of Gerry, NY. If you travel down the East Overland Trail from U to V, you will come across a logging road with pea gravel, follow the stone arrow and you will have found it.

Use FaceBook? Many of the folk that ride, primarily use the FaceBook page, so join both. click the link --- .MTB'ers of Harris Hill 

or head over to for the latest info and maps