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Trails in our region

 Trails are shared use with hikers, runners and sometimes critters, please yield as appropriate and be mindful of conditions.

Warren Area Trails

Chapman Dam Dunham Siding

Description: Double track road, gently climbing up to Hearts Content Distance: 6.2 miles each way Climbing: 500 ft out, all downhill back Sensitivity: Zero, can be ridden in any weather conditions

Map: trail head

Hearts Content XC Ski Trails

Description: XC ski trails follow older railbeds, gentle climbs, some wet areas. Distance: Up to 8 miles Climbing: Varies Maps: ANF Map
More Info: ANF Website Sensitivity: Moderate, avoid riding in wet conditions.

Trail info on MTB Project

Map: trail head

Warpenn Loop

Description: Dirt roads and lease roads/snowmobile trails Distance: 11 miles Climbing: Gentle climb up Morrison Road, short steep climb up Mohawk Ave. Sensitivity: None, can be ridden anytime.

Map: trail head

Buzzard Swamp

Description: Flat xc ski trail Distance: Up to 9.6 miles Climbing: Flat Sensitivity: None, can be ridden anytime. More Info: 

Map: trail head

Rocky Gap Southeast Loop

Description: ATV width, relatively smooth, flat,
and fast with 3-4 decent climbs Distance: 10 miles Climbing: 1600 ft Sensitivity: Zero, can be ridden in any weather conditions

Trail info on MTB Project

Map: trail head

Coal Bed Short Loop

Description: Flat, fireroads, narrow ATV trail, awesome overlook above dam Distance: 9 miles Climbing: 950 ft Sensitivity: Zero, can be ridden in any weather conditions

Map: trail head

Tanbark Trail

Description: Arguably one of the few real singletrack trails on the ANF that is legal to ride.  The trail runs from the Allegheny River up to the Dunham Siding intersection
at Hearts Content.      A few sections are expert/hike a bike sections. Technical, scenic, awesome! Do not continue across Heart?s Content road into the Hickory Creek Wilderness. Distance: Climbing: Sensitivity: HIGH

Trail info on MTB Project

Map: trail head

Willow Creek ATV Trail

Description: Mainly flat with sections of rock garden, one of  the first trails to dry out in the spring thanks to  being closed to ATV?s all winter.   (but the road to the trailhead is often   packed snow/ice later into the spring). Distance: 10 miles Climbing: 500 ft 
 Sensitivity : Zero, can be ridden in any conditions.

Map: trail head

Hatch Run Conservation Demo Area

Description: Start from the trail head and head through the gate and up the double track. Take the
first right and follow the fire road up through the clear-cut to a rock wall crossing. The single track
starts here! Follow along the contour for a short distance and then make the short, steep climb
straight up. Once up the steep section the climb mellows and continues up to a trail on the left. The
decent begins! Follow the trail down the ridge, across it and into the switchbackdrop to the field.
Hang a right at the edge for a short climb and then follow the flowing swoop down to the grass road.
After turning right onto that grass road continue straight across the next intersection, down the field
edge and into the bottom. Follow the trail across the creek and try to mind the wet areas. Take a left
at the big bridge (careful, it's always slippery) and follow the trail back out to the trailhead.
Distance: 3.1 miles Climbing: 525 ft Sensitivity: Moderate, avoid riding in wet conditions.

Map:  trail head

Morrison Trails

Description: Morrison is a remote trail system with a few different options for rides. There's
the entire outside loop, two smaller loops and also a ski-trail portion that can all be ridden. It's a rocky,
steep, log-riddled place that simply isn't for the faint of heart or the inexperienced rider. Rides can keep
you generally up top with out and backs or send you on an all day epic loop from the parking lot to the
lake shore and back.
Distance: Variable Climbing: Up to 750 ft
Sensitivity: None, however avoid riding in wet conditions due to rocks, roots and log crossings

Chautauqua County, NY

Westside Overland Trail

Description: Easy/Intermediate skill trail, generally ATV width.
One of the most popular sections is from the RT 474 parking lot heading north. Distance: Varies Climbing: Varies   Sensitivity: Moderate, trail is mostly overbuilt but has a few wet sections.  

Map: trail head

Eastside Overland Trail

Description: Northern part is flat, wide, and generally easy to ride.
Southern part is more technical and narrow. Distance: Varies Climbing: Varies Sensitivity: Moderate.

Trail info on MTB Project

Harris Hill Extension

Description: Intermediate singletrack, 6 loops for a total of over 12 miles. Access it from the Lower East Overland Trail. Distance: Varies  Climbing Varies  Maps:  
Sensitivity: Due to the heavy clay nature, please wait till you see trail is open on this site.

Map: trail head

Allegany State Park

Description: Paved and double track. Park in parking lot outside of ticket booth and ride bike in for free. Some trails are only for hiking, please respect this. WNYMBA is currently working on several new miles of single track.

Map:  trail head

For more trail information, check out WNYMBA's trail page for riding in Ellicottville and other areas of Western New York